Udemy Announcement

Hello all students,

I just want to say that teaching on Udemy has been rewarding. However over the past few months the accessibility of the platform has been lacking. I don’t feel like I can teach on a platform that accessibility isn’t a priority because that would do all of us a disservice.

However, I understand that some people still like Udemy. For this reason, I will still have the courses on Udemy for those students. However, I will not be promoting this option.

I am announcing today my own online course platform. This is built on an accessible platform ensuring all of my students are able to enjoy my content. The free courses you know and love are coming along with my paid options gradually. We are starting with my free web accessibility introduction course and adding the others. Another thing to note is that I am redoing some of my courses to be better!

Finally, this website will be membership based where you will pay an annual or monthly fee to access all content. The membership prices are $10/month or $120/year. Note however these prices are subjected to change. The free courses will stay free and the others you pay a subscription.

You can access this platform at courses.taylorarndt.com

I am sorry if this causes you additional problems, but I think it will be better in the long run.

I am grateful for your understanding, and lets go build a more accessible world!