I offer many different services depending on your needs. Below, you can learn about my different services. My services are categorized into two main types:  accessibility and web development/management.

Accessibility services

Accessibility audit

An accessibility audit is where I will test your website for accessibility issues. I will test against the web accessibility standards like wcag2.0(web content accessibility guidelines), 508, and ADA(Americans with disibilities act). Not only will I Test for compliance, but will also test for usability. I will create a report that will go over all of the issues found on the website. I have a sample report on my sample work page where you can see the general style of the reports.

Finally, I will have a call with you to go over the issues and explain practical recommendations to make your website accessible.

Developer training

I can train your team about accessibility. Because I have a development background, I can talk in the developers language to explain accessibility. This takes a few forms. I can either train by doing a presentation about accessibility which will include the elements of accessibility and a basic introduction to assistive technology.

I can also do a work session. This is basically where we fix the issues together threw a meeting. I can get into the code and help the developers understand the exact issues found in the code or website builder they are using.

Accessibility consulting

This is a broad service but basically can provide accessibility advice for you or your company. Usually, this goes along with another one of my services like audits or training. An example of when you could use accessibility consulting is if you need to know how to make accessible math for your college.

web hosting

I have partnered with my friends at iAccessibility to provide the most accessible web hosting around. We can help with all types of websites, from company to personal. To learn about the different packages, visit the web hostingpage.