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Web accessibility is more important than ever. Accessibility ensures even those with disabilities may use your websight, and prevents problems in the future.

Here at Taylors Accessibility Services, we provide all types of accessibility services depending on your needs. Services include audits, remediations, and accessibility training. Some of our past clients include attorneys, government agencies, and more. ADA, Wcag2.1, and 508 compliance  are tested depending on the needs of the clients.

All accessibility services start with an audit. In this audit, we test the websight in question and find the violations and will compile a report giving recommendations and suggesting possible next steps. Audits range from 1-5 hours depending on the complexity. A combination of automated and manual methods are used to check the websight, ensuring you have the best information. All audits are done by people with disabilities, so we understand the importance of accessibility.

If it is determined that more accessibility is needed, we will suggest remediation. Remediation is making websites comply with the accessibility standards. This is done by working on the websight to fix aspects to make them accessible. We handle this in a few ways. We can either work with your existing developer team or we can perform the remediation for you. No automated accessibility overlays are used in any of our services. Remediation is done by digging into the websight and fixing the root causes for inaccessibility issues. This insures that the websight is usable for all not just compliant. Common things we fix include contrast, form labels, headings, and alternative text for images. This process can take 2 hours for the most simple websites to 40 hours or more for more complex ones.

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Sample Accessibility Remediations

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